[accordion heading=”Frequently Asked Questions”][pane title=”What type of vehicle will come to pick me up?” icon=””]In most cases, you will receive a sedan (Lincoln Town Car). If you would like a larger vehicle, please be sure to specify at the time of making reservation. Please note that additional charges may apply.[/pane] [pane title=”When will my credit card be charged?” icon=””]Your credit card will be charged AFTER your trip is completed. At the time of reservation, we will receive authorization from the credit card company that the credit card you provided is valid. Actual charging occurs after your trip has been completed.[/pane] [pane title=”How early should I arrive at the airport for my flight.” icon=””]It is best to ask the airline you are traveling on for their recommendation. Many large airports like LAX tend to have long airport security lines.[/pane] [pane title=”Is there sales tax?” icon=””]Sales tax guidelines are followed based on state requirements. In the state of California, there is no sales tax on services. BEWARE of any limousine company imposing a “SALES TAX.”[/pane] [pane title=”How long has your company been in business?” icon=””]Our company, its officers, and/or affiliates have been in business in the greater Los Angeles area since 1993.[/pane] [pane title=”What do I do if I need a car seat for my 6 year old?” icon=””]Our office can provide a car seat for your transfer at an additional fee. Please remember to provide our company with the age of your child so that we can provide you with the correct car seat.[/pane] [pane title=”How much should I tip the driver?” icon=””]Most of clients tip the drivers 15%-20% of the base fare. However the gratuity amount is at your discretion.[/pane] [pane title=”What do I do if I scheduled my pick up from the airport at 6:30 PM, but my flight gets delayed?” icon=””]We track flights in real-time. We do not charge you extra if the flight is delayed. If you are aware that your flight is severely delayed, a courtesy telephone call would be appreciated. If the airline changes your flight then you must notify us as we will not be given this information.[/pane] [pane title=”How long will you wait at the airport before imposing a wait fee?” icon=””]We have standard waiting times for all pick-ups from the airports. The wait times are 30 minutes or 1 hour depending on whether it is a domestic flight or international flight respectively.[/pane]
[pane title=”Is there a grace period for my pick up from my house?” icon=””]We provide a 15 minute grace period for all scheduled pick-ups outside of an airport. After the grace period, we bill in 15 minute increments. If you would like to continue to wait after 1 hour, there will be a 3 hour minimum charge.[/pane] [pane title=”Do you permit smoking in the vehicles?” icon=””]No. All our vehicles are non-smoking vehicles.[/pane] [pane title=”How much do you charge if I have to make an extra stop?” icon=””]Extra stops by our clients are permitted. The fee is based on how far the extra stop is from the originating point and final destination. There is a minimum charge of $10.00 per stop.[/pane] [pane title=”Do you charge extra for luggage like the airlines?” icon=””]No we do not. However, it is the customer’s responsibility to order a vehicle that is large enough to accommodate both the passengers and their luggage.[/pane] [pane title=”Can you accommodate large suitcases, skis, or golf bags?” icon=””]Yes we can. We have SUV’s and vans. When making a reservation, please consider: 1) number of passengers, and 2) amount or type of luggage.[/pane] [pane title=”hy do some of the airports have an additional airport fee?” icon=””]Some airports impose fees for pick-ups from their airport. For instance, LAX charges $4.00 for all pick-ups originating from LAX. There are no fees for drop-offs. This fee is subject to change by airport authorities.[/pane] [pane title=”Do you ever have fuel surcharges?” icon=””]Yes. However, we are extremely conservative in utilizing fuel surcharges. We do not consider this a profit center. We only use fuel surcharges as a means to adapt to quick changes on gas prices.[/pane] [pane title=”Why are your prices so much lower than the competition?” icon=””]We take great pride in providing the best ground transportation service at the BEST PRICES! We have a very large volume of trips daily; therefore, we operate extremely efficiently.[/pane] [pane title=”What is hourly service?” icon=””]Hourly service is used when you want to have a driver at your disposal to drive you places at your request. It is typically used to go to and from business meetings, for special events such as award ceremonies where you need to have a driver waiting for you, or for special occasions such as an evening out so that you don’t need to be concerned about driving and parking or even having a drink.[/pane] [pane title=”How is the fare calculated?” icon=””]You are charged a fixed rate for each hour or part thereof plus a 20% gratuity. There is a three (3) hour minimum for hourly service. For hourly trips where the one way fare from LAX to the starting point is $80 or higher, there is an additional charge of that one way fare.[/pane] [pane title=”Why do I have to fax a signed authorization for the charges?” icon=””]For your security and ours, we require a faxed signed authority from the cardholder to charge their credit card in order to confirm any hourly trip. This is due to potential fraudulent credit card use.[/pane] [pane title=”How can I contact my driver?” icon=””]All contact is made through our dispatch office at 1-800-359-1800. Our 24-hour Dispatch office has constant contact with our drivers and will relay all messages on your behalf.[/pane] [pane title=”Will I be charged parking or other fees?” icon=””]All actual charges incurred by the driver will be passed along to you.[/pane] [pane title=”What happens if I have to cancel my trip?” icon=””]Orders may be cancelled up to 4 hours prior to the original pick-up time without charge; simply obtain a cancellation number from the reservations agent. A no-show/cancellation charge of two hours of the hourly rate will apply to orders not cancelled or orders cancelled less than 4 hours prior to the original pick-up time.[/pane] [/accordion]

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